Monday, 12 December 2011

Substituting characters

The QWERTY blueprint depicted in Sholes's 1878 apparent includes a few differences from the avant-garde layout, best conspicuously in the absence of the numerals 0 and 1, with anniversary of the actual numerals confused one position to the larboard of their avant-garde counterparts. The letter M is amid at the end of the third row to the appropriate of the letter L rather than on the fourth row to the appropriate of the N, the belletrist X and C are reversed, and best punctuation marks are in altered positions or are missing entirely.12 0 and 1 were bare to abridge the architecture and abate the accomplishment and aliment costs; they were called accurately because they were "redundant" and could be recreated application added keys. Typists who abstruse on these machines abstruse the addiction of application the uppercase letter I (or lowercase letter L) for the chiffre one, and the uppercase O for the zero.13

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